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Aspire Infonet domain name registration Services render simplified and affordable domain registration services from Bangalore, India. We have a gamut of more than 5000 satisfied customer’s using our domain registration and management services. Our domain extensions includes, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name, .in,,,,,,

  .com, .net, .org Rs.685 /-
  .info, .biz, .us Rs.685 /-
  .in Rs.700 /- Rs.685 /-
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"Aspire Infonet offers unique Domain Name Security for your Domain Name with the concept of ‘Protect Your Assets’.Even for a smallest information change of your Domain Name, we will alert you about the incident. So that you are well informed about the changes and have control over it. Our service included a facility to ‘LOCK’ your Domain Name. Once locked, further no-one can make any changes, without you unlocking. Register your Domain Name with Aspire Infonet today for the safest domain name."
1. We have Preferenceup to 10 years registration of the domain.
2. The services also include Domain Forwarding Services on request.
3. Suitably managed DNS Service serve are also provided on request.
The service consist of an interface to change your domain contact details like Registrant Contact Details, Administrative Contact Details, Technical Contact Details and Billing Contact Details.
Option includes changes in the name of server details. Name server of on domain name, helps you to connect the server of specific hosting company. For instance, if you want to host your website on the Aspire Infonet server, you have to change the name servers of your domain to and, this will be done with all ease without mush presser on you.
Protection is atmost necessity of any organization, thus our LOCK system helps you Domain Name to be protected. Once locked, that does not allow any change, without you unlocking it.
7. Passwords are hard to remember, you tend to forget often;hence, we offer a tool to retrieve the password of your domain through the control panel.
8. We also give access to multiple domains in one account option to manage.
9. We equip you with Domain Name Suggestion Tool Page. This tool will assist you to find and register good domain names.
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