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Corporate Email Hosting 

Aspire Infonet's, unparalleled corporate email hosting service, not only delivers email quickly and efficiently but delivers peace of mind to our client's who rely on email as an essential communication tool.

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Our Corporate Email Hosting solution is designed for small to mid-size businesses, who can't or don't want to spend valuable time and resources on developing and maintaining their own internal e-mail infrastructure.

Spam and Virus Protection
Spam and Virus Protection The worst offenders are blocked before they enter our network. Anti-virus protection and SPAM identification and tagging are integrated into our SMTP gateways. Tagged spam can be configured to automatically go to your SPAM folder instead of your inbox.

Support For Wide Variety Of Email Clients
Our Business works with many email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Apple Mail, Mozilla ThunderBird, and others. No downloads or plugins are required. Alternate ports are available in case your Internet provider is blocking standard access ports.

No hardware and software expenses
Having your own e-mail servers can get expensive. There is a cost of hardware, software, licensing fees, and someone has to support it all as well. With our Business setup, you don't have to worry about any of this. We have already taken care of everything, we have redundant servers, anti-spam protection, anti-virus protection, and great administrators who know e-mail hosting inside and out. All you need to do is start using our service and relax, knowing your e-mail infrastructure is being handled by industry professionals.

Corporate Email Hosting includes 
Administrator panel to create or delete Email ids
Email forwarding
Multi-Recipient Addresses
Web-based E-Mail Interface with Address book
POP Access / Mailing Lists
Auto Responders, Forwards, etc.
Catch-all account
E-Mail SMTP Server 
Large Disk space for your mailbox
Back up Fecility 
Corporate Email Hosting

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